Amy’s raw blueberry ganache cake – recipe

Impress your guests with this decadent treat, let us know how it turns out by commenting below!

Amy’s raw blueberry ganache cake recipe (loosely based on pg. 188 of the Rawlicious book).
For the base:

-  2 C almonds – soaked for at least 2 hours

- 1 T honey

- 1 C coconut oil

- Seeds of 1 vanilla pod

-1/4 t Himalayan salt

- 2 t lemon juice

- 3 T cacao powder

Process all ingredients into a food processor and process until finely chopped.  Not too much.  Press into the base of a springform cake tin. Place in the fridge or freezer while making the filling.

For the filling:

- 3 C cashew nuts

- 1 C coconut oil

-  ¼ C agave

- ¼ C honey

- ½ C lemon juice

- 1 ½ C of fresh or frozen blueberries

- Seeds of 2 vanilla pods

Blend all in a high-speed blender, preferably Vita-mix or Blendtec. Pour filling over the base and place back in the fridge to set.  The freezer works too if you can’t wait to eat it!

For the ganache topping:

- 1 ½ C cashew nuts

- ½ C cacao

- ¼ C agave

-  ¼ C honey

- 30 ml distilled water

Blend all in a high-speed blender, and using a spatula carefully lather the filling (once set) with this yummy chocolate spread.  Top with your favourite fruits – here are strawberries and diced kumquat.


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Cat and Way’s Healthy Cheesecake

A delicious raw cheescake recipe submitted by Catherine Louise Naude, one of our Facebook fans – thanks for the share!


- 1 cup Walnuts

- 1 cup Pecan Nuts: soaked for 2 Hrs then drained and rinsed well {OR 2 cups Almonds soaked for 2 Hrs}

- 1 Tsp Coconut Oil

- 1 Tsp Honey

- Seeds from one Vanilla Pod

- ¼ tsp Himalayan Salt

- 2 tsp fresh Lemon Juice

- 3 Tsp Cacao Powder

Blend all of the above ingredients in a food processor until finely chopped. Press out the mixture into the base of a spring form cake tin. Gently puncture holes into the base with a fork and put the cake tin into the fridge while you make the filling.


- 2 cups fresh Pineapple

- 2 cups fresh or frozen Blueberries

- 1 ½ cups melted Coconut Oil

- 1 cup Cashew Nuts

- 2 Tsp fresh Lemon Juice

- 2 Tsp Honey

- Seeds of 1 Vanilla Pod

- Pinch of Himalayan Salt

Blend all the above ingredients until smooth in a blender, on high speed, working with the tamper. Pour the filling over the base and decorate with fresh Raspberries and fresh/frozen Blueberries and 85% or 100% Chocolate shavings (optional) Refrigerate for 6 Hours before serving. Enjoy!

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Flu-Busting Berries (part 3)


This cherished superfood is both a fruit and a herb – and rated number one in Chinese medicine. They typically contain two to four times the amount of antioxidants found in blueberries.

Applying the doctrine of signatures: Because of the goji berry’s incredible nutrient profile, the Greeks called it Lyceum barbarum, translated as ‘School of Learning’ – the Chinese believed that this little berry contained so much wisdom, that if someone were to eat it every day, they would download the entire Chinese medicine system.

Goji berries:

- Are high in immune-enhancing nutrients: vitamin C, B1, B2, B6, antioxidants, carotenoids and trace minerals (said to contain more than 21 trace minerals!)

- Contain beta-sistosteral and betaine which can help prevent colds and flu

- Are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory.

Goji Berry Healing Tea: warm up & fight off the flu by adding and soaking 10-15 goji berries in a tea pot. Use a base of peppermint, wild berry or strong rooibos tea. Goji’s will release polysaccharides into your tea.

Gojis are also:

- A precursor for HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

- Are great demulcents – they release substances which soothe the epithelial lining of the colon (much like aloe)

- A complete protein – builds blood and stabilises blood sugar levels. Contains 19 different amino acids and all eight essential amino acids

- Contain ‘healing sugars’ called polysaccharides – excellent replacement for honey in tea when you have cancer or fungal infections.

- The Chinese add goji berries to almost every dish and cup of tea – they release the healing sugars – and are naturally one of the BEST DIGESTIVE ENZYMES.

- Great for eyesight – many people have combined goji’s with Omega three, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, lutein and eye exercises, in order to improve their eyesight and diminish the use of glasses.

These small, power-packed “Blues and Flu-Busting Berries” offer fun and exciting ways to improve your health and allow you to effortlessly sail through the cold winter months.

Wishing you a berry nice, healthy winter

Team Rawlicious

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Flu-Busting Berries (part 2)


This naturally sweet, free radical- fighting berry is truly a delicacy that can be eaten just as it is.

Applying the doctrine of signatures:  Mulberries are said to be one of the fastest organisms on the planet. When the white mulberry releases the stored energy in its stamen, its spores can travel at velocities of half the speed of sound. We would definitely want a weapon like this to help us recover with speed from any winter flu!

Mulberries are:

- Rich in carotenes, thiamene, riboflavin, vitamin C, tannin and stearic acid (an essential saturated fatty acid)

- Are rich in polyphenols (antioxidants which prevent degenerative diseases such as arthritis), flavanoids, anthocyanins & alkaloids

- Rich in iron, calcium (much more than dairy milk!) and fibre.

Winter Mulberry Milk: add some dried mulberries to a cup of your favourite nut/seed milk. Blend it all up and sweeten with raw honey if necessary. Warm it up, remembering not to exceed 47 degrees Celsius!

Mulberries are also:

- High in resveratrol (a polyphenol found in dark fruits and wine), which slows the aging-process and boosts cardio-health.

- Can be used to treat dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia and premature greying of hair (some cultures apply mulberry juice to their scalps for this purpose!)

- Contain linoleic acid (a fatty acid which can decrease abdominal fat by increasing metabolic rate)

- Strengthen eyesight (great study-snack or for those who work in front of their pc’s)

- Good for constipation – they increase gastric juice secretion and improve digestion and assimilation of nutrients

- Are helpful in reducing levels of blood sugar, making it a great naturally sweet snack for diabetics.

Next up – goji berries…

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Flu-Busting Berries (part 1)

At Rawlicious, we choose to see food through the eyes of excited and curious children.  We take extra careful notice of the colour, shape, taste and texture. Because we believe wholeheartedly that Nature is on our side, we always ask the fundamental question:

“How can this food help us be the healthiest and happiest that we can be?”

The doctrine of signatures is an interesting belief in ancient Greek herbalism, reintroduced by pioneers such as the raw food expert David Wolfe. According to this doctrine, what a food looks like; its texture, shape and smell, all help to identify and guide us as to which part of the human body it is good for.

When applying this ‘fun-logic’ to berries, its easy to see that their intense colour pigments and concentrated taste provide great armour to create and sustain abundant health. Eating berries on a regular basis, especially when our immune-systems are being challenged by the pressure of seasonal change, will give us a necessary boost.

Read our 3 part series on super-berries!


Camu camu is the highest vitamin-C containing botanical in the world.

Applying the doctrine of signatures: Camu camu originates in the wildest parts of the Amazonian rainforest. They have faced and conquered all natural obstacles (climate, pests, disease), and are genetically positioned  to  give us the benefit of their immense strength and power .The camu camu berry has a similar appearance to that of a human cell, and research has shown that they promote health at a cellular level.

Camu camu:

- Provides 50 times more vitamin C than an orange.

- Has high concentrations of phytochemicals (the term “phytochemical” refers to a wide variety of compounds found in plants that affect human health.

- Is rich in anti-oxidants.

- Contains mood-enhancing properties – great for those who suffer from depression and regular mood-swings. The vitamin C content can increase the happy hormone serotonin –perfect for those darker, grey  winter rainy days.

Camu-Camu Flu-Shot: juice 1 carrot, 1/3 pineapple, a slice of ginger, a slice of fresh turmeric. Shake this combination with 1 heaped teaspoon of camu camu berry powder.

Camu Camu is also great for :

- Tendon and ligament health – when used in conjunction with MSM, it can boost collagen production

- Lowering bad cholesterol (LDL)

- When taken on its own, or with medicinal mushrooms such as reishi, it can radically reduce Candida and other fungal conditions

- It is also great for gum-health (mix it with a natural toothpaste for more health benefits), skin (reduces appearance of acne, scars and sun spots when taken internally and applied topically)

- Is excellent for eye-health – it contains colour pigments which in turn make us see colour more intensely!

Next up – mulberries…

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Beetroot and carrot salad

Beetroot and carrot salad








Serves 3 – 4

4 beetroots, peeled

4 carrots, peeled

1 T Braggs liquid aminos or tamari sauce

Dash of olive oil

1 large handful small black currants or raisins

1 large handful pinenuts and/or hemp seeds

Himalayan rock salt to taste
1 handful of goji berries, soaked (optional)

Grate the beetroots and carrots into a salad bowl. Add the other ingredients and toss.

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Easy-drinking green

Makes 250 – 300 ml.
Dilute with the same quantity of water to make 500 – 600 ml

1 apple

1-2 carrots

1/2 cucumber

2 celery stalks

1/2 pineapple

Juice all the ingredients and dilute with water.

Another easy-drinking mild green juice, this includes a base of pineapple and carrots, which are naturally sweet. Let the pineapple, carrots and apple make up approximately 1/2 of the total volume of juice.

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Day 5: Why we love cacao butter

This is probably the most noble part of the cacao fruit – it is high in fat-soluble iron and magnesium and detoxifies and cleanses the blood. Aside from using to make chocolates, cacao butter is an excellent natural sunscreen and body balm.

- Add some cacao butter to your tea to give it extra creaminess – making sure that the water is not boiling as this will destroy its delicate properties.

- Mix cacao butter with some lucuma or maca to make slabs of white-caramel chocolate.

- To keep warm these winter months, blend cacao butter, maca and lucuma with warm water, honey and chai spice.

- Blend hemp oil with cacao butter and set in a tub for a gorgeous beautifying balm.

- Try our divine Cacao Body Butter which acts as a multi-tasker – use it as a skin-cream, sunscreen and/or lubricant.

- Keep a little chunk of cacao butter with you at all times and smear across your lips and cuticles.

- Add some vanilla essence to your cacao butter and rub on your wrists for a subtle, pleasant fragrance.

- You can take this fragrance and add some essential oils of rose and ylang ylang to make a romantic massage oil!

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Day 4: Why we love cacao paste

Cacao paste has the extra benefit of still having the precious oils of the cacao bean intact. Using the double-boiler system, melt this paste together with cacao butter and agave to make chocolate.

- Melt the cacao paste and blend with warm water, coconut oil, honey and nuts to make a cup of decadent hot chocolate.

- If cacao over-stimulates you, add some medicinal herbs which bring down and balance that energy. Add ¼-1/2 tsp of foti or reishi mushroom powder to your divine chocolate drink.

- When making chocolates, try adding in some essential oils of peppermint, rose-geranium, ginger or orange to spice up your chocolates.

- To make a chocolate which will help your digestion, add some SuperThrive for Digestion to your chocolate.

- To help balance your hormones, add some SuperThrive for Women/Men to your chocolates, and substitute the cacao butter with coconut oil. Also try adding some maca & chopped Brazil nuts to the chocolate as this will help to balance the thyroid.

- Have fun with the fondue-set – dip some of your favourite nuts and fresh/dried berries in the melted chocolate. Keep some melted chocolate aside to chocolate-coat your favourite frozen berry & honey popsicles. This is the perfect way to make your own Raw Magnums!

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Day 3: Why we love cacao beans & cacao powder

Cacao beans are the original currency – even Willy Wonka paid his oompa-loompa’s in cacao beans! How to eat:

-Cacao beans can be dipped into raw honey/agave and eaten as a snack or as a quick and satisfying dessert.

- Because raw cacao contains monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAO), it’s great for suppressing one’s appetite. Snacking on a couple of cacao beans between meals will keep hunger at bay.

- Cacao beans enhance the flavour of smoothies by adding a richer taste and acting as a carrier of nutrients to the cell.

- The outer skin covering the cacao beans are packed with valuable nutrients, so be sure to leave them on!

Why we love cacao powder: Powders have more nutrients exposed at surface area, making them immediately available to the human cell for absorption. How to eat cacao powder.

- Moms want to feed their children food that is both delicious and nutritious. Blend cacao powder with water, frozen banana and dates for a favourite raw chocolate milkshake.

- Cacao can help your child transition to eating more raw foods and will prevent that sugar-spike that happens so often at birthday parties.

- If you have an avocado which is too under or over-ripe, blend it with some cacao powder, honey/agave, some mint essential oil or vanilla powder for an amazing super-healthy and velvety chocolate mousse.

- Cacao powder is one of the main ingredients in our popular Superfood Shake.  Add 1-2 heaped tablespoons of this shake to oats, warm water & honey for a champion breakfast.

- Or blend with brown rice powder for an excellent pre-workout or post-workout high-protein meal. Cacao was considered ‘heart-blood’ in ancient cultures due to its high magnesium content, making this the perfect food to aid cardio-exercises.

- Tired of your usual tea? Spice up your tea by adding in a teaspoon of cacao powder and honey.

  1. [1] Ingall, Marjorie. “Chocolate Can Do Good Things for Your Heart, Skin, and Brain.” CNN. December 22, 2006. Accessed: August 24, 2011.
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