Super chia bars

Werner’s tip of the week: Chia bars are fantastic for any situation where you may need a quick blast of nutrients on the run, make them today – perfect for the Two Oceans and other endurance sports!


Grind up the chia seeds in a coffee grinder – 8T

Powdered superfoods:

Lucuma 4T, Ashwaganda 1T, Mesquite powder 2T, Cacao Powder 2T, Spirulina powder 2T, Himalayan rock salt two pinches, Maca 2T, Hemp powder 3T, Foti 1T, Real Thing wheat grass powder 2T.

Mix all the over in a bowl as your dry mix.

Blend figs, gooseberries and dates with agave and spring water (500ml).

Add the above together and make bars.

As a nice finishing touch place some of our new certified organic goji berries on top.

Dehydrate to for 12 hours on medium and six hours on low and store in the fridge.


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