The uncooked challenge!

Are you ready to take on raw with more gusto than ever? Welcome to Rawvember 2012!

The raw food movement is getting bigger by the day – for those of you who aren’t yet in the know or are relatively new to the movement, a raw food lifestyle is about eating a diet high in plant-based and uncooked foods. Not only will you enjoy more nutrients in your body, but this simple approach to food can help clear up any number of health complaints, from insomnia to acne, obesity and infertility. It also gives you loads of energy too!

Rawvember, hosted by Rawlicious, is about upping your intake of fresh, organic, whole and raw foods and cutting out processed foods that don’t bring you radiant health and natural energy.

Peter and Beryn Daniel, founders of Rawlicious and pioneers of the raw food movement in South Africa, will post daily tips and recipes on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest; by actively participating in the challenge you will not only feel fantastic but will also stand a chance to win some awesome prizes!

How raw can you go?

It is important to introduce raw food gently, as your body may experience some detox symptoms. That is why we suggest tailoring a diet that suits where you’re at, be it shifting from meat-eating to vegetarian, vegetarian to vegan, vegan to wheat-free, wheat-free to raw. Even giving up coffee would be a start!


Why would I want to go raw?

Raw, organic food contains a wealth of amazing nutrients that are often lost during the cooking process. It helps you feel lighter and more energised. Raw foods can also aid in detoxing the body.

How do I join the Rawvember challenge and what do I get when I do?

To join Rawvember all you have to do is email us at and then you will receive regular updates that will include; product discounts, giveaways, competitions (driven through our Twitter and Facebook platforms), great tips from Beryn and Peter, delicious raw vegan recipe ideas, inspiring images and videos of last year’s participants. By joining and participating in the challenge you will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win a lunch date with Peter and Beryn! (At Leafy Greens in Joburg or Spades and Spoons in Cape Town).

So can I not eat any cooked food at all during this month?

Not necessarily. It is all about where your body is at and so if you are comfortable at 70% raw, then that’s great as well.

Do I need all the equipment (juicer, blender, dehydrator) to participate in Rawvember?

Not at all! There are plenty of simple raw meals that can be prepared without these things.

HAVE FUN and ENJOY – let us know how your challenge is going on Twitter and Facebook – awesome weekly spot prizes to be won!

Wishing you a most wonderful Rawvember!



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