Week Two: Be Super!

We’re one week into Rawvember and the response has been phenomenal – more than 300 people have signed up to take part in the challenge! Well done – we hope you’re loving the journey so far, not to mention all the positive changes it ultimately will bring into your life! Thank you to everyone who has been sharing their challenge on our Facebook page and on Twitter, plus all those who have emailed to enter – if you haven’t done so yet, sign up by sending us an email to rawlicious@be-cause.co.za – weekly updates, spot prizes, new challenges and so much more to follow.

Last week we focused on cutting out the ‘poisons of the palate’, this week we up it a notch and challenge you to Be Super! It’s time for you to add in a variety of superfoods to your diet, these can be of tremendous benefit to your body, especially when going raw. Much like organic food, superfoods have a high content of minerals and nutrients, making them great energisers. What’s even better, most of them taste good too.

Superfoods are foods that have a higher mineral, nutrient and energetic makeup. They are raw whole foods, not fractionalised supplements, which means that the minerals, vitamins and nutrients are easily recognised, absorbed and utilised by the body. Because they are so high in minerals they have the ability to muscle out the ‘bad’ foods in your diet by satiating hunger at a deep level, finally giving your body what it has been searching for.

Get breakfast right!

We start our days off with a combination of one of the following: Green juice, Chia Meal OR a superfood smoothie. Green juice is alkalising, healing and calming. Chia seeds are an anti-oxidant-rich, omega-3 packed seed and Chia Meal combines this amazing superfood with seven other superfoods making it a real super(brain)food-breakfast! Superfood smoothies are one of the easiest and tastiest ways to get high quality nutrition into your body. Remember our bodies, as well as our thoughts and emotions, function better on nutritious food, so set yourself up for success by getting breakfast right.

We’ve made this really easy for you by creating a Chia Meal breakfast mix and a Trail Mix for on the go snacking. Both are available at www.rawlicious.co.za or from our Superfoods Shop.

For your fresh produce, go local and support your fresh produce grocer or farmer’s market. Health food shops and fresh produce markets are great places to find local artisans and growers selling their wares and telling their stories.

This week we encourage you to share you superfood experiences, recipe creations and any comments or tips on your experiences on our various Rawlicious platforms. Sign up for the challenge at rawlicious@be-cause.co.za for weekly tips, recipes and a chance to win awesome prizes. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy Rawvember – be strong, be inspired, have fun!

Peter and Beryn Daniel



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