Weekend Challenge – ‘Be Real’


Wow, it’s already nearing the end of week three of Rawvember – how time flies when you’re having fun! I hope everyone’s experience has been as enlightening as ours. We’ve had some amazing feedback from some of our participants both on Twitter and Facebook and would love to hear more from you.

This weekend is the Rawvember ‘Be Real’ challenge!!!

The focus is on eating meals that are as whole and as unprocessed as possible. These days so many of the foods we see in the store are filled with toxic chemical ingredients such as additives and preservatives; they have undergone loads of processing – leaving very little of its original, natural goodness. Raw foods are known to have the most nutritional value, which means the less processing, the better for you!

Raw food gives you energy
Eating more of your food fresh, raw and unprocessed helps to deliver oxygen to your cells.
When your body is charged with oxygen your mind is clear and sharp and you feel energised.
During summer is the easiest time of year to transition to a high raw diet. The availability of delicious, seasonal fruits is abundant and vast. Enjoy eating lighter meals and delicious salads.
When you eat raw foods you are getting nutrients into your system in their whole-food form just as mother nature intended them to be.

As close to nature as possible
If you follow this simple principle it is very hard to go wrong.
Ask yourself, could I find this food growing on a tree or in the soil?

Taking a step by step approach
If you are still struggling with the transition to a raw food diet, try lightly steaming your vegetables or preparing a half raw, half cooked meal. Keep it simple by using natural ingredients like organic spices and fresh herbs or homemade sauces for flavour. Check out the Rawlicious recipe book and DVD course to learn more about how to create delicious raw meals for radiant health.
Happy Rawvember and remember to ‘Be Real’!

Here’s a Raw-liciously simple meal with no processing and no equipment necessary:


Leaf Wraps

Real quick to make and yummy to boot! Super satisfying because it covers all three macronutrient food groups.

  • 1 large cos or spinach leaf
  • 1 avodaco, sliced
  • ½ tomato, diced
  • dried pitted dates or figs, chopped
  • Himalayan rock salt
  • tamari sauce


Use a big green leaf about the size of your hand (a large cos lettuce leaf or spinach leaf works well). Prepare slices of avocado, diced tomato and chopped dates or dried figs. Place the leaf on a plate and lay down the slices of avocado first, then the tomato, then the dried fruit. Add a pinch of salt and drizzle with tamari sauce. Roll up the edges and enjoy. J

You can also use guacamole and olives as a filling, or anything else that tickles your fancy!

Till next week,

Beryn xxxx

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