Why we love our moms!

                     Photo: Beryn and Katara enjoy Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, we asked our Rawlicious fans how they would be spoiling their moms. Even though we could only choose one winner, the response was so inspiring, that we couldn’t help but share some of our favourite entries. Have a read below – enjoy, we most certainly did!

Winning entry, Janine van Zyl:

‘At the moment I am in Namibia celebrating my birthday with my mom, but would unfortunately I will be leaving again on Sunday. However I am still making it special!

I am going to create a lot of clues for her to follow until she gets to the final destination with the final prize. When she has drops me at the airport there will be a bouquet of flowers in the car with a note that reads: “Happy Mother’s Day – the next note is inside the fridge.”

In the fridge will be her favourite super food smoothie I usually make with the Superfood Supershake, honey, cocoa nibs, banana and lucuma. This note will say: “A superstart for a supermom! Now go to the study room.”

In the study room will be the blender I bought for her, plus the Easy Living recipe book by Natalie and Noel, with another note saying: ” Enjoy your new toys! Breakfast is in the dining room”

In the dining room my father and sister will be sitting with the breakfast I prepared her very early in the morning and a final note saying: “I love you mom! Wish I could spend the day with you. Love Janine.”’

Doesn’t that story just warm your heart? Here are some of the other great entries we received:

Kirsty Baker – ‘I’m going to surprise my mum with a raw chocolate tart from the Rawlicious recipe book!’

Christine de Nobrega – ‘We have made some Rawlicious chocolates and will be visiting the Zonnekus Retirement home in Milnerton to hand out gifts to all their residents, not only to the grandmas but to the grandpas too – just because!’

Spoil your mom with this recipe!

Hannah Lützow – ‘As I am a big fan and follower of the Rawlicious Lifestyle I would love to introduce my mum to this way of life as I have seen the amazing benefits it has given to me.’

Daniela Cardoso – ‘This year I am taking my Mother on a surprise picnic – as she absolutely loves organic foods the basket will be packed with all her favourites!’

What did you get up to for Mother’s Day?

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