Cacao: The fun and flavoursome five

Remember your first taste of raw chocolate? Rich and dark, melt in your mouth, whatever craving you had, satisfied. The invisible pat on the shoulder that said; “All right now, everything is okay.”

What is it that fascinates us about chocolate? Why has it been associated with magic, medicine and myth since ancient times and why is it known by many as the number one food of the world?

Not only does it taste great and provide us with incredible, mind-blowing nutrients, but raw chocolate is available to us in so many formsbeans, nibs, paste, powder and butter.

These five flavoursome forms definitely make it a FOOD TO HAVE FUN WITH. No wonder chocolate inspired Roald Dahl to write his masterpiece Charlie and The Chocolate Factory in 1964.

We’ll be posting a cacao blog series over the next week. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory no longer needs to be reserved for the fiction section; experimenting with raw chocolate recipes is a great, guilt-free hobby which brings together family and friends – just imagine unlimited moments of laughter, joy, creativity and bountiful-boosts of SUPER-NUTRITION!

Coming up in bite sized portions:

- Cacao nibs
- Cacao beans
- Cacao powder
- Cacao paste
- Cacao butter

Wishing you unlimited fun as the witty Willy Wonka in your very own Raw Chocolate Factory.

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