Day 2: Why we love cacao nibs


Cacao nibs – the original crunchy chocolate chip. How to eat:

- Cacao nibs are perfect in a Trail Mix; as a simple and delicious snack whilst watching movies, at the office (perfect before that important meeting), hiking in the great outdoors or even for just nibbling when you find yourself hungry and stuck in traffic.

- Nibs are also great as an impressive pre-dinner snack when guests come over.

- They can be sprinkled on top of your favourite smoothie, or used to effortlessly decorate a chocolate cake or mousse.

- Cacao nibs are a wonderful study snack – research has shown that raw chocolate boosts memory, attention span and problem-solving skills by increasing blood flow to the brain.[1]

  1. [1] Ingall, Marjorie. “Chocolate Can Do Good Things for Your Heart, Skin, and Brain.” CNN. December 22, 2006. Accessed: August 24, 2011.


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