Day 3: Why we love cacao beans & cacao powder

Cacao beans are the original currency – even Willy Wonka paid his oompa-loompa’s in cacao beans! How to eat:

-Cacao beans can be dipped into raw honey/agave and eaten as a snack or as a quick and satisfying dessert.

- Because raw cacao contains monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAO), it’s great for suppressing one’s appetite. Snacking on a couple of cacao beans between meals will keep hunger at bay.

- Cacao beans enhance the flavour of smoothies by adding a richer taste and acting as a carrier of nutrients to the cell.

- The outer skin covering the cacao beans are packed with valuable nutrients, so be sure to leave them on!

Why we love cacao powder: Powders have more nutrients exposed at surface area, making them immediately available to the human cell for absorption. How to eat cacao powder.

- Moms want to feed their children food that is both delicious and nutritious. Blend cacao powder with water, frozen banana and dates for a favourite raw chocolate milkshake.

- Cacao can help your child transition to eating more raw foods and will prevent that sugar-spike that happens so often at birthday parties.

- If you have an avocado which is too under or over-ripe, blend it with some cacao powder, honey/agave, some mint essential oil or vanilla powder for an amazing super-healthy and velvety chocolate mousse.

- Cacao powder is one of the main ingredients in our popular Superfood Shake.  Add 1-2 heaped tablespoons of this shake to oats, warm water & honey for a champion breakfast.

- Or blend with brown rice powder for an excellent pre-workout or post-workout high-protein meal. Cacao was considered ‘heart-blood’ in ancient cultures due to its high magnesium content, making this the perfect food to aid cardio-exercises.

- Tired of your usual tea? Spice up your tea by adding in a teaspoon of cacao powder and honey.

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