Day 4: Why we love cacao paste

Cacao paste has the extra benefit of still having the precious oils of the cacao bean intact. Using the double-boiler system, melt this paste together with cacao butter and agave to make chocolate.

- Melt the cacao paste and blend with warm water, coconut oil, honey and nuts to make a cup of decadent hot chocolate.

- If cacao over-stimulates you, add some medicinal herbs which bring down and balance that energy. Add ¼-1/2 tsp of foti or reishi mushroom powder to your divine chocolate drink.

- When making chocolates, try adding in some essential oils of peppermint, rose-geranium, ginger or orange to spice up your chocolates.

- To make a chocolate which will help your digestion, add some SuperThrive for Digestion to your chocolate.

- To help balance your hormones, add some SuperThrive for Women/Men to your chocolates, and substitute the cacao butter with coconut oil. Also try adding some maca & chopped Brazil nuts to the chocolate as this will help to balance the thyroid.

- Have fun with the fondue-set – dip some of your favourite nuts and fresh/dried berries in the melted chocolate. Keep some melted chocolate aside to chocolate-coat your favourite frozen berry & honey popsicles. This is the perfect way to make your own Raw Magnums!

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