Day 5: Why we love cacao butter

This is probably the most noble part of the cacao fruit – it is high in fat-soluble iron and magnesium and detoxifies and cleanses the blood. Aside from using to make chocolates, cacao butter is an excellent natural sunscreen and body balm.

- Add some cacao butter to your tea to give it extra creaminess – making sure that the water is not boiling as this will destroy its delicate properties.

- Mix cacao butter with some lucuma or maca to make slabs of white-caramel chocolate.

- To keep warm these winter months, blend cacao butter, maca and lucuma with warm water, honey and chai spice.

- Blend hemp oil with cacao butter and set in a tub for a gorgeous beautifying balm.

- Try our divine Cacao Body Butter which acts as a multi-tasker – use it as a skin-cream, sunscreen and/or lubricant.

- Keep a little chunk of cacao butter with you at all times and smear across your lips and cuticles.

- Add some vanilla essence to your cacao butter and rub on your wrists for a subtle, pleasant fragrance.

- You can take this fragrance and add some essential oils of rose and ylang ylang to make a romantic massage oil!

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