Flu-Busting Berries (part 1)

At Rawlicious, we choose to see food through the eyes of excited and curious children.  We take extra careful notice of the colour, shape, taste and texture. Because we believe wholeheartedly that Nature is on our side, we always ask the fundamental question:

“How can this food help us be the healthiest and happiest that we can be?”

The doctrine of signatures is an interesting belief in ancient Greek herbalism, reintroduced by pioneers such as the raw food expert David Wolfe. According to this doctrine, what a food looks like; its texture, shape and smell, all help to identify and guide us as to which part of the human body it is good for.

When applying this ‘fun-logic’ to berries, its easy to see that their intense colour pigments and concentrated taste provide great armour to create and sustain abundant health. Eating berries on a regular basis, especially when our immune-systems are being challenged by the pressure of seasonal change, will give us a necessary boost.

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Camu camu is the highest vitamin-C containing botanical in the world.

Applying the doctrine of signatures: Camu camu originates in the wildest parts of the Amazonian rainforest. They have faced and conquered all natural obstacles (climate, pests, disease), and are genetically positioned  to  give us the benefit of their immense strength and power .The camu camu berry has a similar appearance to that of a human cell, and research has shown that they promote health at a cellular level.

Camu camu:

- Provides 50 times more vitamin C than an orange.

- Has high concentrations of phytochemicals (the term “phytochemical” refers to a wide variety of compounds found in plants that affect human health.

- Is rich in anti-oxidants.

- Contains mood-enhancing properties – great for those who suffer from depression and regular mood-swings. The vitamin C content can increase the happy hormone serotonin –perfect for those darker, grey  winter rainy days.

Camu-Camu Flu-Shot: juice 1 carrot, 1/3 pineapple, a slice of ginger, a slice of fresh turmeric. Shake this combination with 1 heaped teaspoon of camu camu berry powder.

Camu Camu is also great for :

- Tendon and ligament health – when used in conjunction with MSM, it can boost collagen production

- Lowering bad cholesterol (LDL)

- When taken on its own, or with medicinal mushrooms such as reishi, it can radically reduce Candida and other fungal conditions

- It is also great for gum-health (mix it with a natural toothpaste for more health benefits), skin (reduces appearance of acne, scars and sun spots when taken internally and applied topically)

- Is excellent for eye-health – it contains colour pigments which in turn make us see colour more intensely!

Next up – mulberries…

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  1. Liana says:

    I agree and strawberries are another Vitamin C storehouse with eight berries delivering an astonishing 160% of daily value for Vitamin C. Blueberries are high in Vitamin B, another important immune system booster.

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