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From high power blenders to dehydrators: raw food requires different equipment to cooked food. Toys for the kitchen!
Dehydrator Excalibur 4-tray
R 5125.00
Dehydrator Ezidri Snackmaker + Free 4-disc Rawlicious DVD
R 3680.00
Dehydrator EziDri Ultra + Free 4-disc Rawlicious DVD
R 4995.00
Excalibur Paraflex Premium Sheets 4-tray
R 115.00
Excalibur Paraflexx Premium Sheets 9-tray
R 115.00
Ezidri Snackmaker Mesh sheets
R 90.00
Ezidri Snackmaker Solid Sheets
R 90.00
Ezidri Snackmaker Spacer (1 only)
R 230.00
Ezidri Snackmaker Trays (1x only)
R 283.00
Ezidri Ultra Mesh Sheets
R 95.00
Ezidri Ultra Solid Sheets
R 95.00
Ezidri Ultra Spacer (1 only)
R 275.00
Ezidri Ultra trays (1 only)
R 275.00
Hi Blend/Omniblend Blade & Agitator
R 1045.00
Hi Blend/Omniblend Retainer Nut
R 235.00
Hi-Blend/Omniblend Lid Plug for 2ltr Jug
R 139.00
Hi-Blend/Omniblend Rubber Lid without plastic plug
R 270.00
Hi-Blend/Omniblend Tamper
R 234.00
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NutriBullet 600 Extractor Blade - Hsacks
R 315.00
Out of Stock  | Wishlist
Nutribullet Cup Tall
R 220.00
Out of Stock  | Wishlist
Nutribullet Hi-Speed Blender 600w (8pc)
R 1970.00
Nutribullet Hi-Speed Blender(12pc)
R 2495.00
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Omni Blend (Hi-Blend) Jug 2ltr - No Blade
R 1157.00
OmniBlend / Hi Blend 2 Litre Jug - Blade Fitted
R 2010.00
Omniblend V (800) Pro, Black w/ 2 ltr jug
R 3950.00
Oscar Classic Pearl White + Free 4-disc Rawlicious DVD
R 7995.00
Oscar DA1000 Adjust Ring & Ejection Cover
R 155.00
Oscar DA1000 Black Juicer + Free 4-disc Rawlicious DVD
R 7085.00
Oscar DA1000 Chrome Juicer + Free 4-disc Rawlicious DVD
R 7265.00
Oscar DA1000 Collection Bowl (set of 2)
R 300.00
Oscar DA1000 Drum 2 - New Mould
R 535.00
Oscar DA1000 Drum Cap
R 350.00
Oscar DA1000 Hopper Black
R 187.00
Oscar DA1000 Hopper white
R 197.00
Oscar DA1000 Juicing Strainer 2 (NEW MOULD)
R 895.00
Oscar DA1000 Mincing Strainer
R 850.00
Oscar DA1000 Screw / Auger
R 1285.00
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Oscar DA1000 White Juicer + Free 4-disc Rawlicious DVD
R 6960.00
Oscar DA1000 Wine (red) Juicer + Free 4-disc Rawlicious DVD
R 7265.00
Oscar DA900 Chrome Juicer + Free 4-disc Rawlicious DVD
R 6500.00
Oscar DA900 Drum 2 - NEW MOULD
R 535.00
Oscar DA900 Drum Cap
R 350.00
Oscar DA900 Hopper (Black/White)
R 135.00
Oscar DA900 Juicing Strainer (2) NEW MOULD
R 895.00
Oscar DA900 Mincing Strainer/Blank Screen
R 850.00
Oscar DA900 White Juicer + Free 4-disc Rawlicious DVD
R 6250.00
Oscar Juicer Cleaning Brush
R 100.00
Oscar Juicer DA900 Sieve
R 197.00