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Chocolate - Soaring Free Adapt Superherb Bar 50g

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Chocolate - Soaring Free Adapt Superherb Bar 50g

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Product Details
Soaring Free Superfoods
Superherb Adapt bar
immunity herbs
***limited edition***
This time is calling for us to adapt.
To choose our state of mind in spite of
the story being told.
Chocolate is the perfect support food for
choosing a healthier happier state of mind.
The ultimate feel good food.
Add in 20 superfoods and superherbs and you
flood your body with uplifting goodness.
Our superherb zero bar does just that.
for those who want the herbs AND a sweet taste, a
production mistake makes it available to you at half price!
Our last batch of zero bars was mistakenly
made with organic sugar.
All the same fantastic, immune supportive herbs,
with certified organic raw cane sugar for sweetness.
This is a limited edition, in limited packaging
and an unbelievable price of R25/bar.
Thats more than a 50% discount of the normal price of R60!
Keep the love and laugher flowing this easter lockdown.
Ingredients: Cacao Paste*, Cacao Butter*, Raw Cane Sugar*, Wildcrafted Mesquite, Prepared Foti, Chaga, Baobab*, Cacao Powder*, Lucuma*, Hemp Seeds*, Vanilla Powder, Hemp Powder*, Sunflower Lecithin, Reishi, Mucuna, Wheatgrass**, Maca*, Moringa**, Cinnamon, Spirulina*, Barleygrass**, Himalayan Salt, Taheebo.
*Organic ingredients **Pesticide free