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About Us

Peter and Beryn are Raw Food Chefs, Authors and Health Educators who guide you on a journey to radiant health, abundant energy, lightness and fun.

When we returned home to South Africa in 2006 a close friend asked us to run a workshop for herself and her housemate teaching them how to prepare healthy food. We invited a small group of people together and presented our first course. This led to the beginning of courses and events around South Africa teaching people about raw & living foods and how to make delicious raw food dishes.

My favourite dessert recipe to share & demonstrate was and still is the raw healthy chocolate mousse. It never fails to amaze newcomers as to the range that we have as raw food chefs to create decadent and indulgent desserts using only raw ingredients.

The Superfoods Brand:
However, we found that many of the Superfoods that we were accustomed to eating abroad were not available back home, especially the raw cacao (chocolate). So, we began to import our favourite superfoods mainly to keep ourselves and our friends in good supply. Very soon we were supplying the people on our workshops, then local health shops, markets and specialised delis. We created our company Soaring Free and the Superfoods brand dedicated to sourcing and distributing only the highest quality organic  Superfoods we could find. We now have a wide and continuously growing range of Superfoods (

The Rawlicious Recipe Book:
During the first 2 years of running raw food courses the question we were asked most often was, ‘when are you going to write a book?’ Inspired by the growing number of people embracing the amazing transformative and healing potential of raw and living foods we wrote and created Rawlicious, recipes for radiant health in 2009 – South Africa’s first gourmet raw food recipe book. The recipe book continues to inspire more people to a new way of being and eating and has now been published internationally.

The Rawlicious DVD:
By the end of 2010 a new idea had started to develop. When our friends come over for a meal, most of the time we only start preparing the food when they arrive and, chatting in the kitchen we assemble a gorgeous array of dishes in less than an hour. This way we’ve had a chance to catch up while they’ve also had the opportunity of getting involved with the food and seeing just how easy and fun making healthy and nutritious food can be. We asked ourselves: How could we share and bring more people into our kitchen in a similar way? The answer in itself was simple too. Let’s bring our kitchen into your kitchen! And so Rawlicious, Elements for Radiant Health, the DVD series was born.

Rawlicious Events:
We continue to share our experiences and expertise in the field of raw food nutrition via free talks, seminars, courses, workshops and retreats. For more info check out the Courses & Workshops page.

Beryn & Peter