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Easy Living Food - Natalie Reid & Noel Marten

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Easy Living Food - Natalie Reid & Noel Marten

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In Easy Living Food, we guide you through the practical steps necessary for you to join the millions worldwide that are choosing to eat ‘more raw’. From setting up your pantry to improving your knife skills, we’re with you every step of the way. For the experienced raw foodie, we also have lots of tasty secrets to share. To make this journey as delicious as it is healthy, Easy Living Food is overflowing with our best recipes. Tried and tested by our 1000s of ‘Eat More Raw’ class participants here in South Africa, Easy Living Food recipes are: - quick and easy to make – more than half of the 200+ recipes require minimal to no equipment - designed for great taste – guaranteed - loved by kids and carnivores - packed with all the benefits of eating raw, helping you to boost your energy and shed excess weight - ideal for those following gluten-free or dairy-free diets About the Authors Natalie Reid and Noel Marten are the raw food chefs behind award-winning raw creations such as Earthshine Kale Chips and Vivo Pizza takeaways. They have been delivering delicious raw food recipes and expertise to receptive audiences in Cape Town for several years, and now share more of their tasty goodness with you in Easy Living Food. Natalie has a flair for creating raw food with a handful or this and a dash of that; using her laboratory and scientific skills to work these creations into recipes that are repeatable, reliable and deliciously practical. Noel is an acclaimed landscape designer, permaculturist and a champion for authentic food. Strong design skills, combined with a passion for organic gardening, allow him to bring seasonal, fresh and nutritionally rich creations to the kitchen. Praise for Easy Living Food Through my practice I have come to see first-hand, over and over again, what I have always felt and known to be true – the food we eat is possibly one of the biggest influences on our health. The inherent potential for food to either heal or harm is no longer questionable. Today, I guide my patients towards including as many plant-based foods, in a natural state, as they can into their diets to dramatically improve their treatment outcomes and speed up recovery. Easy Living Food is a welcome guide to support and help those looking to make healthier food choices whilst not losing out on variety, excitement and flavour. Dr Yesheen Singh MBChB MBA – Health Nation “Natalie and Noel turn raw vegetarian ingredients into a feast of delicious meals. Their recipes are simple, making this book incredibly valuable for those wishing to add more healthy meals into their everyday lives. Packed with their own original recipes this book stands out amongst others as a treasure in the kitchen!” Jenny Louw, Author of Earthartist: Natural Gardening, Eating and Living Book details Paperback: 228 pages Publisher: Earthshine (December 2012) Language: English ISBN: 978-0-620-55041-3 Dimensions: 210 x 20 x 240 mm