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Goji & Schizandra Tincture 50ml - African Forest Medicinals

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Goji & Schizandra Tincture 50ml - African Forest Medicinals

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Goji & Schizandra THIS IS ONE OF OUR NEW “EXOTICS RANGE” TINCTURES – TINCTURES THAT ARE MADE FROM HERBS THAT DO NOT GROW LOCALLY BUT ARE JUST TOO AWESOME NOT TO PRODUCE ANYWAY! REST ASSURED, HOWEVER, THE GOJI & SCHIZANDRA BERRIES USED IN THIS TINCTURE ARE NATURALLY GROWN WITHOUT CHEMICALS OF ANY KIND AND HAVE BEEN TESTED AS SUCH. Overall Health, Energy & Vitality! Our Goji & Schizandra tincture is an absolutely phenomenal tincture that takes care of all of the systems in the body and massively boosts overall health, energy and vitality. Goji Berries Goji Berries are a supreme tonic herb in Chinese Tonic Herbalism and are associated with longevity, youth, overall health, strength and a good mood! Gojis benefit the liver, kidneys and eyesight in particular and replenish the “yin” component of our Jing energy (our primal energy resource). Gojis are radically anti-aging and increase our levels of the super-important, super-antioxidant SOD (Superoxide Dismutase). They have an anti-fatigue effect, and are also known as a beauty herb, preventing drying and wrinkling of the skin due to their high phospholipid content. They contain both simple and complex sugars including polysaccharides and betaine, and are immune-boosting and blood sugar-balancing. In China, gojis are known simply as “Happy Fruit”! Schizandra Berries Schizandra is an incredible tonic herb that benefits all of the organ/meridian systems of the body, tonifies all Three Treasures (the name of the 3 different energy systems of the body in Chinese Tonic Herbalism) and nurtures all 5 elements that Chinese Tonic Herbalism associates with the body. Schizandra is particularly beneficial for the kidneys, lungs and liver. It is a powerful liver-cleansing and rejuvenating agent and detoxes the liver via both Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification pathways. It supports vitality and beauty, purifies the blood and promotes beautiful skin. It supports the mind and helps maintain strong memory. It also helps maintain sexual energy and sexual functions in both men and women. Schizandra is an adaptogen for the Central Nervous System and promotes calm, awareness and focus. It assists the body in coping better with stress and helps relieve insomnia and increase stamina. It is “Shen”-stabilising (Shen is the name Chinese Tonic Herbalism gives to our spiritual energy) and helps relieve unwanted menopausal cardiovascular issues. Schizandra is a sweet, sour, bitter, salty and pungent (all 5 tastes) adaptogenic berry that has amazing health benefits. Schizandra produces some of the highest antioxidant berries on the planet and it is said that if you consume Schizandra for 100 days in succession that you will end up with a perpetual smile on your face! As Goji & Schizandra berries are both tonic herbs, this tincture can be taken in unlimited amounts on a daily basis and will only be of benefit to you.