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Hope is all he had and faith kept me searching - S Du Toit

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Hope is all he had and faith kept me searching - S Du Toit

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ISBN: 9780620727525 Author, Sandra Du Toit A book of hope and encouragement for anyone diagnosed with cancer. When the authors friend was given one month to live she dedicated herself to prove the medical world wrong by implementing a Natural approach, succeeded and cured him from this fearful disease within 38 days. This is a true story and is written in the form of a diary, of what she did every day, how she had to keep her friend positive and of the relentless research she did and putting together her own protocol. The book is to encourage people to own their power by gaining as much knowledge about their dis-ease as possible, for them to make well informed decisions when facing the reality of the callous medical world. A description of each Natural protocol is given in great detail and backed by scientific proof. A story of relentless love is woven through the pages of the book and by the nature of their relationship, at times extremely difficult and frustrating. The story is about the belief in herself, and her race against him receiving chemotherapy as she believed this is what will kill him and not his cancer. She made her friend a promise that she will not let him die and she had to keep that promise. She had to convince him and she had to convince herself that she is capable of doing it. She never doubted and at the end realised who she is and what she is capable of accomplishing. From the day he was diagnosed with diffused B-Cell Lymphoma, Stage 4, it took her 38 days to fulfil her promise to him. It was confirmed by a PET scan that he was indeed cancer free. True power lies within. By telling her story to the world she aims to show people, by believing in one self, we all possess the gift to do “magic”.