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Msm Powder 1kg - Rawlicious

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Msm Powder 1kg - Rawlicious

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Product Details
Just the good stuff in the purest possible form. You'll find nothing but methylsulphonylmethane, or MSM, in this empowering supplement. Each batch is third-party tested to guarantee a product free of microbials and toxic heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium or aluminium.
Detoxifying and cleansing. A natural anti-inflammatory which fights arthritis and joint damage. MSM will help ease the pain and stiffness of joints and muscles after exercise or associated with arthritic and injured joints.

Our MSM is synthetically produced by reacting Hydrogen peroxide with DMSO. The level of purity is 99%. It is organically-bound which refers to the natural state of the molecule, which is bonded with carbon.
Dosage : Take half a teaspoon daily in a glass of water for the first week. Increase to 1 tsp thereafter. For an added immune boost, combine with half teaspoon of Camu-Camu berry (natural Vitamin C powder) in a glass of water.

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Country of Origin: USA