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Nettle Root Tincture 50ml - African Forest Medicinals

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Nettle Root Tincture 50ml - African Forest Medicinals

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THIS TINCTURE IS NOT SUITABLE FOR UNDER-18’s. Nettle Root THIS IS ONE OF OUR NEW “EXOTICS RANGE” TINCTURES – TINCTURES THAT ARE MADE FROM HERBS THAT DO NOT GROW LOCALLY BUT ARE JUST TOO AWESOME NOT TO PRODUCE ANYWAY! REST ASSURED, HOWEVER, THE NETTLE ROOT USED IN THIS TINCTURE IS NATURALLY GROWN WITHOUT CHEMICALS OF ANY KIND AND HAS BEEN TESTED AS SUCH. Stinging Nettle – or Urtica dioica – is a very well-studied and used medicinal plant. But the part of the plant usually used is the leaf, with the medicinal benefits of the root of the plant being a lot less well-known. Perfect Man’s Tonic Nettle Root is the perfect tonic for men. It works in several different ways, as outlined below:- Increases Free Testosterone There is a glycoprotein, produced in the liver,called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). This binds to both testosterone (predominantly) and estrogen and carries them in the blood around the body, so that they can be used where they are needed. Which works perfectly if SHBG isn’t either too high or too low. If SHBG is too high, however, this leads to a decreased bioavailable level of testosterone – meaning a low level of testosterone that can actually be used by the body. This leads to low energy, poor muscle development, poor bone health and low sex drive. When these symptoms present themselves – or if you are simply wanting to boost the amount of free testosterone in the body – taking Nettle Root can really help. Nettle root contains compounds that bind to SHBG taking the place of bound testosterone, thereby creating higher levels of free testosterone that can be used by the body. Protects against BPH and Male Pattern Baldness Nettle Root also prevents the conversion of testosterone into a metabolite known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which has been implicated in Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) and even male pattern baldness. AND, the phytochemicals in nettle root also work to prevent BPH by stopping the binding of DHT to the prostrate membrane. Nettle Root vs Pine Pollen Shedding Of Pine PollenWe have a lot of people asking us for pine pollen tincture as a way to increase testosterone in the body. We no longer produce pine pollen tincture as pine pollen is bio-identical testosterone – in other words it IS testosterone, so you are taking a supplementary form of testosterone that the body can, over time, begin to rely on – and then become lazy about making its own. Obviously that is not something that you want. Bio-identical hormones can be really useful to get people out of an acute deficit of that hormone – but should only be used for short periods of time, not as an ongoing thing. We would definitely recommend nettle root over pine pollen as a safer way to increase testosterone levels on an ongoing basis. Dosage and Usage Take 1-3 droppersful of this tincture, several times per day. Take it for 3 weeks on and then take a 1 week break from it before resuming again.