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Orgonite TB Slick Jim

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Product Details
Orgonite transforms harmful electro-magnetic rays into positive Orgone energy. Place near cell phones and other electronic/electric devices or bury in pot plants or in the soil near cell phone towers or masts.
The tower buster (polished)
The orgonite tower buster is the universal tool in environmental gifting. Neutralise stagnant negative energies from Cell Phone towers and other sources of "bad vibes".
The polished variant is also very nice for applications in the house (put one in every room, on your water inlet, your electrical connection, vour TV and your computer screen) The serious gifter buys them in bulk!
The difference between the "Dirty Harry" variant and the "Slick Jim" is that they are selected for a relatively smooth surface and the sharp edges are sanded off. They are however not necessarily completely flawless and they are not polished!
Colours: Assorted colours.
They also make thoughtful gifts for friends and relatives.
Ø = 70mm, h = 30mm, w = 125g : all dimensions are approximate - product is handmade - appearance may differ from picture