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Raw Vegan Protein Powder 1kg - Lifematrix

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Raw Vegan Protein Powder 1kg - Lifematrix

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Product Details
Lifematrix Raw Vegan Protein (RVP) powder is a true Superfood for the 21st Century.
Made from enzyme-processed sprouted, whole-grain organic brown rice, it’s an 80% protein concentrate containing all essential amino acids. Note: This product was previously sold under the Absolute Organix brand.
It’s silky smooth with an amino acid profile closest to mother’s milk and is ideal for vegetarians and those with dairy and gluten allergies or other dietary restrictions.
Our RVP is made using all-natural process of fermentation, filtration and enzymatic processing that consumes the fats and carbohydrates in the rice and leaves just the protein behind (plus a little fibre).
Suggested serving : Mix or blend 1 level scoop (20g) with 250ml water, rice milk or juice and stir briskly. With over 12g of protein per 15g serving, Lifematrix Raw Vegan Protein has a superior amino acid profile – it contains all nine essential amino acids – making it an excellent alternative to whey and soy proteins.
Our RVP is also more easily digested and better absorbed than soy – and of course animal protein which putrefies in the gut! – and won’t upset the GI tract like whey. Tests by the manufacturers in the USA have shown that after four hours, 86% of the rice protein is digested, compared with only 57% from soy.
“It’s raw, it’s vegan, and it beats every other plant-based protein product on the market today in terms of assimilation and performance.”
It is certified Kosher (parev) by the Beth Din.
Our Raw Vegan Protein is great for athletes
# Builds functional strength without unnecessary bulk caused by hormones in meat
# Excellent amino profile – all nine essential amino acids including the critical branched-chain aminos for muscle building and repair
# Easy to digest (no gas, no bloating)
# Natural taste: can be used in any smoothie or mixed with water or rice milk
# No chemical sweeteners, no solvents, no dairy, no soy, no bulking agents, additives or preservatives, no animal by-products, 100% natural.
# Enables you to follow a high-protein diet without resorting to animal products.
… and children too
Children especially need high-quality plant-based proteins. You can blend our RVP with fruit and (pure) water or rice milk or yoghurt and some honey to make a delicious superfood smoothie.