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Rawlicious Recipe Book

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June 2009 saw the launch of our first, and indeed South Africa’s first gourmet Raw Food Recipe Book, called RAWlicious. This is no ordinary cookbook. First, no cooking is done. And second, it describes a whole new paradigm in relation to food. Raw food is simple. Raw food is fun. Raw food is delicious and raw food provides your body with the nutritional building blocks for abundant health, energy and vitality. With over 140 recipes, our un-cook book will guide you to prepare and experience raw food meals that will delight even the most hardened sceptic. The sky is truly the limit in terms of raw food - vegan equivalents for old favourites such as pasta, pizza, pancakes and may I add, chocolate – yes, you heard me right! RAWlicious is a feast not only for the stomach but for the eyes as well. Our self published recipe book includes anecdotes and scientific notes as to why ‘going raw’ is the new healthstyle, not diet - now catching on in South Africa, hot on the heels of places such as the USA and UK, where there are now dozens of raw food vegetarian and vegan gourmet restaurants. You can purchase your copy of RAWlicious directly from us right here via our webshop and start reading and experimenting in your kitchen. Ever since we started running raw food courses in South Africa, people have been asking us, ‘when are you going to write a book?’ Well, your words finally got through to us and we’ve done it! We’ve had 2 pet hates when it comes to other raw recipes books written by overseas authors: 1. They use ingredients we can’t get. 2. They have little to no pictures. This is why we have written a raw food recipe book specifically with South Africans in mind. We’ve used ingredients you can find and terminology you can understand. There are stunning full colour pictures with nearly every recipe to capture the vibrancy and the energy of raw and living foods. Contents We’ve covered everything from juicing and smoothie making, to warm soups, scrumptious salads, simple meals, gourmet meals, decadent desserts and medicinal chocolates plus more – everything you need to make a raw food journey fun and fulfilling is sprouting within these pages. Introduction Our Stories Food & Health Macro and Micronutrients What Is Raw Food? Why Eat Raw Foods? The Benefits of Eating Raw Health Is Not All About Food Transitioning Into Raw Foods Succeeding on a Raw Food Diet Growing Your Own Food Using this Recipe Book Our Raw Food Kitchen Stocking Your Kitchen Recipes Juices – Liquid Elixirs Smoothies Nut Milks, Butters & Cheese Breakfasts Soups Salads Sauces & Dressings Sides & Snacks Simple Meals Breads & Crackers Gourmet Meals Healthy Desserts (includes pancakes!) Other Beverages Recommended Reading Resources Index REVIEWS: Dr. Jenny Gardy [MBBCh; BSc Med; Integrative Life Coach] has the following to say of the book: “One of the most critical aspects of vibrant, healthy living is getting people to change their lifestyles and attitudes. Beryn and Peter have a gift in this regard and not only do they produce the most scrumptiously delicious food, but they also provide us with vital information that is the key to maximum wellness and longevity. Regardless of how much you already know about healthy eating and living there is more for you to learn from this book.” “Rawlicious is a work of art, integrating creative and scrumptious recipes with important information that everyone should have access to. This recipe book is a must- have in any health conscious kitchen.” Chantal Meijer [Health Coach; BSocSci (Hons)(Psych); Dip.Nutrition] Foreward by Victoria Boutenko: "Rawlicious is a precious gift to all food lovers who enjoy healthy eating. The book offers a wide spectrum of delicious raw recipes along with a well-written guide to food preparation and is accompanied by gorgeous, breathtaking photographs. The selection of recipes includes soups, salads, dressings, crackers, juices, smoothies, mousses, and cakes, and a wonderful variety of main dishes. The reader can choose from simple recipes that take a few minutes to prepare or more elaborate recipes that will enhance any festive event. Authors and raw food chefs Peter and Beryn Daniel begin by sharing their insights about the benefits of eating raw, tips on transitioning to a raw food diet, growing sprouts, and more. In the chapter called “Our Raw Food Kitchen,” the Daniels provide practical advice about how to stock your kitchen in the most convenient and productive way. Experienced raw food teachers, they then gently escort the reader from one tasty recipe to another. Rawlicious is richly illustrated with many masterfully done shots of scrumptious dishes and includes photographs of Peter and Beryn growing fruits and vegetables, preparing meals, and enjoying a cup of healthy cheer, which creates the feeling of visiting a young, healthy family and watching them harvest their own produce. Their photographic artistry inspires us to see the beauty of every plant, whether cabbage or sprouts, and even of organic dirt. Rawlicious is definitely one of the prettiest raw food recipe books in the world. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in raw food."