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Wild Red Reishi Tincture 50ml - African Forest Medicinals

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Wild Red Reishi Tincture 50ml - African Forest Medicinals

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Product Details
African Forest Medicinals’ Wild Red Reishi Tincture is made from wild-harvested red reishis from the Knysna Forest in the Western Cape.
Why “Wild’ Red Reishi?
Wild reishi is superior to cultivated reishi in a variety of ways:- · It has developed more potent chemical defences against predators and it is these chemicals that form the “medicines” that are so beneficial to us. · It is more highly mineralised than cultivated reishi as it grows in pristine, wild nature, with its highly mineralised soils. · It has absorbed all of the wild energies of its environment, which in turn are passed on to us and help to keep us more closely connected to our own wilder, more natural state of being.
Health Benefits · Reishi’s health benefits are many and varied and include:- · Powerful immune modulator - turning the immune system up or down, depending on what is needed. · Potent liver tonic and detoxifier. · Significant anti-cancer action - stimulates the body to produce interferon or interleukin-1 and -2, our body’s own natural anti-cancer defence substances. Reduces angiogenesis - formation of blood supply to tumours. Reduces side effects of chemotherapy and radiation and builds up the immune system which is typically so damaged by these conventional cancer therapies. · Anti-allergy and antioxidant action. · Boosts energy. · Lifts mood, brings peacefulness, calm and focus. · Great anti-stress herb. · Stabilises blood sugar. · Benefits cardiovascular health.
Dual extraction tinctures · The immuno-modulating effects of Reishi come from its beta-glucans and other beneficial polysaccharides and are extracted via a hot-water extraction. · The adaptogenic qualities of Reishi come from the terpenes it contains and these are extracted via an alcohol extraction process. Adaptogens assist the body in dealing with various types of stress - whether physical, emotional or mental. It is these adaptogenic qualities that stimulate our body’s own defences, making Reishi such an effective anti-cancer medicine and also liver & heart tonic. · African Forest Medicinals' Wild Red Reishi Tincture is a dual-extract tincture - i.e. both hot water and alcohol combined - providing the best of both worlds in one single product.
Bottled in Miron · The tinctures are bottled in superior Miron violet glass to ensure the highest level of protection against degrading UV radiation, thereby ensuring maximum freshness and shelf life. here to get more info.