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Feeding babies - what Katara eats!   2014-02-20

Feeding babies – what Katara eats!

I am getting quite a few emails and requests from people to please tell them what our daughter Katara eats, as well as what to feed their babies.
I am not an expert on baby nutrition, I am following my intuition on this one, based on what we know and eat and Katara appears to be thriving.


Firstly, I am doing extended breastfeeding - she's almost 21 months now and still feeds at least 50% of the time, if not more, and ‘on-demand’. I think the breast in the most wonderful, loving, logical, common sense, simple and on-tap way to feed our babies and provided Mom looks after her nutrition – the milk is so full of goodness(and love).

Secondly, my approach to feeding our young is that they will eat an extension of what we eat. They are pre-programmed by our pre-pregnancy nutrition, what we eat during pregnancy and what they taste through our breastmilk. It’s natures way of ensuring survival – they will eat what we have available to eat in our environment.

Katara started eating at 6 months when she intersected a fresh organic strawberry that I was eating and a little later the same day she grabbed hold of Dad’s green juice and began to drink it.

She eats lots of superfoods and I've really let her guide me. We’ve let her experiment with foods and tastes. She is free to taste whatever we eat. At 21 months these are the things she's currently enjoying:


- Goji berries, I drink my first glass of water in the morning with goji berries in it and she picks them out and chews on the softened berries.

- Bee Pollen - such a complete food and she loves it!
- Hemp seeds – she laps these up as well – great EFAs and protein.

- Wheatgrass powder - while I am making green juice or a smoothie in the morning, she sits on the counter and chows through the dry powder! She sometimes drinks the green juice too, but at the moment she is mostly into the pure powder - great alkaline minerals, magnesium, amino acidsJ

- She enjoys our Chia Meal or a maca or superfood smoothie.

- She loves eating maca or mesquite or yacon powder - again the dry powder straight out a little bowl while I am preparing other food.

- White mulberries too.


She'll eat fruit and veg such as:
- cucumber, tomato, olives, avo, sunflower sprouts etc
- berries(all kinds), apples, watermelon, litchis, mangoes, figs, grapes, bananas etc

She LOVES nori sheets, and the nori wands in our book.
I make her mango wraps as well which she loves.

I make her soup once a day but sometimes twice a day which is normally a tomato or vegetable soup or my favourite is the 'mermaid soup' in our new Superfoods book - my quick version includes miso, avo and water with 1 teaspoon afaklamath crystals, a powdered sea veg mix and health force earth powder. I slice the nori up fine and she loves it - I don't know of any other toddlers getting such a mineral dense meal daily:)


On the supplement side, she loves chlorella tablets - she's more extreme than me! She loves to EAT her chlorella tablets and chews them like sweets - she doesn't have them everyday, but will sometimes eat 8 - 10 in one go when she does!


She's tasted egg a few times now, and really likes it. It’s not been a regular part of her diet or mine, but because she really seems to want them these days I am considering letting her have them a little more regularly as their may be some things in there that she needs for her developing brain. The eggs I get are from chickens that are NOT fed GMO corn (hard to find) and are fed chia seeds and flax seeds and left to forage, free range and organic so they are the highest quality eggs I can lay my hands on. Again she is my guide!

Many South African parents have told me they let their kids teeth on biltong. We’ve given her aubergine ‘biltong’ – dehydrated strips of aubergine with tamari sauce and coriander – and she’s happily gnaws away on that