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For all your convenience dried foods and snacks. Nuts, seeds, dried fruit and CHOCOLATE!
Aloe Vera Gel 125g - Leafy Greens
R 95.00
Eggplant Marinaded 500ml - Leafy Greens
R 69.00
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Mild Chillis Whole Bottled 330g - Leafy Greens
R 76.00
Peach Preserve 250g - Leafy Greens
R 76.00
Pickled Jalapenos 330g - Leafy Greens
R 68.00
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Sunflower Lecithin 100g - Rawlicious
R 75.00
Vegan Parmesan Garlic&Chilli 100g - Leafy Greens
R 74.00
Vegan Parmesan Original 100g - Leafy Greens
R 67.00