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Superfoods Brand

My favourite dessert recipe to demonstrate was and still is the raw healthy chocolate mousse. It never fails to amaze newcomers to the range that we have as raw food chefs to create decadent and indulgent desserts using only raw ingredients. However, we found that many of the Superfoods that we were accustomed to eating abroad were not available at home, especially the raw cacao (chocolate).

We started importing our favourite superfoods to keep ourselves and our friends in good supply. Very soon we were supplying the people on our workshops, then local health shops, specialised delis etc. We created the Superfoods brand dedicated to sourcing and distributing only the highest quality organic superfoods we could find.
We now have a wide and continuously growing range of superfood

What are Superfoods?

Superfoods are the most concentrated mineral and nutrient dense organic foods on the planet with nutrients in their natural form, easily absorbable and usable by the body that provide abundant energy. They are high vibration foods revered by ancient cultures around the world which provide maximum energy and healing.

Brand goals

  • To provide effective wholefood plant based supplementation
  • To provide the most concentrated mineral and nutrient dense organic food on the planet
  • To provide a gateway to abundant energy and well being
  • To create health from the inside – easily absorbable and usable by the body
  • To provide natural alternatives to artificial stimulants, which create a sustainable high that is generative 
  • To make superfoods easily accessible to the mass market